IFTAR Breaking of the Fast Dinners

22 May 2018 | General Interest

Affinity Intercultural Foundation takes great pleasure in inviting parishioners from the Diocese of the Broken Bay for an IFTAR 'Breaking of the fast' dinner at the private residence of a Muslim family in Western Sydney. These home IFTAR dinners, held during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan are an excellent opportunity for individuals to engage in intercultural and interfaith dialogue, which contributes towards the growth of a harmonious and inclusive community. This year, Ramadan commences Mid-May and concludes Mid-June. On weeknights, IFTARs begin at 6pm. Weekend IFTARs begin at 5pm. Please note that places are limited. To register or learn more about 2018 Affinity Ramadan Home IFTAR Dinner, please contact us through email at faith.formation@bbcatholic.org.au or call 8379 1627.