'I would like my child to become a Catholic' OR
'My child would like to become a Catholic'

What do I do?

Wonderful! We welcome your enquiry and look forward to understanding more about you and your child and the events which have led to this request.

At Our Lady of Dolours we run a 'Kids' Baptism' preparation program twice each year. The next program is due to begin on Sunday 31 March 2019

This preparation program is held over four to six weeks and includes;

  • Two child-parent small group preparation sessions
  • Presentation and anointing at a 9.00am Family Mass
  • A practise in the church for the Baptism Ceremony
  • One post-baptism small group session


The dates for the program are below.

Sunday Preparation Step What happens

31 March 10:00am

Kids' Baptism (Session 1) Introduction to Baptism. The children learn what it means to belong to the family of Catholics, and how God calls each of us by name. We start at 10:00am straight after the 9:00am Family Mass in Parish Meeting Room 2.

7 April 9:00am

Presentation and Anointing (at 9:00am Mass) The children who are preparing for baptism are presented to the parish community and are anointed with sacred oil. This is an important part of the preparation process for Baptism.

7 April 10:00am

Kids' Baptism (Session 2) The children learn about the Symbols of Baptism, and what will happen at the Baptism ceremony. We start at 10:00am straight after the 9:00am Family Mass in the Father Cahill Room.

Saturday 13 April 4:00pm

Kids' Baptism (Practice) The children and their parents (and godparents) attend a special session in the Church to go through what will happen at the Baptism ceremony with a priest.

14 April or
5 May

Baptisms  The children who have attended the preparation sessions are baptised on one of these Sundays or a Sunday over the next few weeks. 

12 May 10:00am

Kids' Baptism (Post Baptism Session) The children gather for one last session to reflect on their baptism day and what it means for their lives. They are now baptised Catholics and are growing in their awareness of what it means to belong to a worshipping community. They are encouraged to continue their Sunday worship, joining in with all the other Catholic kids who go to the Children's Liturgy and who pray at Mass.

The Baptism

Once the Kids' Baptism preparation program is completed children are eligible to be baptised. The details of the dates and times available are on the enrolment form below.

If you would like to discuss anything about this process, please contact our co-ordinator for Children's Sacraments or the Parish Priest. Details below.

Contact Phone Email
Angela Hague (02) 9410 9033 Angela.Hague@bbcatholic.org.au
Fr. Jim Mckeon (02) 9410 9022 Jim.Mckeon@bbcatholic.org.au





To enrol your child for Kids' Baptism, please complete the enrolment form and return it to the parish office along with a copy of your child's birth certificate, by the due date noted on the form. Once it is received, someone from the parish office will contact you to confirm the program details.

During and after the preparation program, families are encouraged to attend our 9.00am Family Mass so the children can take part in the activities for children at our child-friendly Mass. In this way they continue to

  • learn about Jesus
  • grow in their faith
  • develop the habit of coming to church
  • mix and make friends with their Catholic peers

Baptism is the first step of initiation into the Catholic Church. After Baptism all children 7 years or older will be invited to join the 'Children's Sacramental preparation program' for the Sacraments of Confirmation, Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

Further Information

For further information regarding Kids' Baptism, please download the Kids' Baptism Brochure.