At Our Lady of Dolours Parish there are three steps in the celebration of Infant Baptism.

  • A compulsory information session held on a Saturday at 4:00pm in the parish meeting rooms, once a month.  You need to be enrolled and booked in to attend. Please be advised, those wanting to have their child baptised in January 2018 MUST attend the December 2017 Baptism Preparation and Presentation.

  • A Presentation of your child at one of the Sunday Masses where they are welcomed by the parish community.  You need to have attended the information session to be included in this step.

  • The Baptism - Which is held either at one of the Sunday Masses or on a Sunday at midday (outside of Mass). You can choose which option suits best when you enrol.


To enrol your child for Baptism, please complete the Infant Baptism enrolment form and return the completed form, with a copy of your child's Birth Certificate, to the Parish Office as soon as possible. You will then receive an email from the Parish Secretary to confirm the time and arrangements. 

Further information

For more information please download the Infant Baptism information brochure and Infant Baptism Dates

Baptisms can be scheduled for 

  • Sundays at our midday Baptism Liturgy except on the first Sunday of month
  • During some Parish Masses - except when  Baptism Presentations are scheduled